Our Chamber offers a very wide range of services to its members and other interested parties, in particular:

  • Information and consultancy services: procurement and provision of information on business partners and business opportunities, on the legal conditions for trade and business (including legislation, economic, financial, customs, tax and other spheres), customs and peculiarities of business relations, etc.
  • Procurement of information and opportunities from the domain of investment, in particular the international development projects and programmes and involvement in their implementation (including options and instruments of financing and support for these projects, the conditions of competitions/bids, etc.).
  • Search/mediation of direct business contacts in accordance with the scope of activities in the partner and/or neighbouring countries, organizing the contact meetings and missions, promotions and other marketing actions, support of business missions, trade negotiations, etc. (incl. interpretation, assistance, consultancy and similar services).
  • The development of direct contacts and collaboration with public and private institutions (authorities of local administration, network of chambers of commerce, export and import consortiums, with economic and financial authorities and their officials, social organizations and other important bodies in the partner country, etc.).
  • Other services in accordance with the laws and Articles of the Chamber (incl. “tailor-made” services according to individual needs and specific arrangements with the applicant).