Why to become a member of the Chamber of Commerce ?

Your membership in the Chamber brings you a number of advantages, among others you get automatically:

  • the possibility to establish trade and other relations with the business entities in the DRC and/or neighbouring countries,
  • a direct assistance and help in obtaining the necessary information and contacts and in the implementation of its business,
  • special discounts on all services provided by the Chamber, or the right to the services provided free of charge,
  • the opportunity of a direct communication with the other members of the Chamber as well as with all the relevant bodies in the partner country,
  • the possibility of regular acquisition of economic, legal and other related information relevant for the development of trade relations, including the new investment opportunities, the right to enter your specific requirement for some comprehensive or sectoral studies, etc.
  • our support of your business plan/project and of your access to the use of financing through international institutions, funds, etc.
  • information about the competitions in various areas (supply of goods, services, works),
  • the possibility to promote your products and services during the events organized by the Chamber (e.g. seminars, business meetings with interesting partners, etc.), to which you will be invited as regular members, or through the web pages of the Chamber
  • the possibility of contact with the other chambers which operate in the Czech Republic and abroad, and more.

We can offer even other more favourable commercial services for the members of our Chamber, such as. the location of the link on your own web page or advertising on the web sites of the Chamber, the cooperation of our partner´s Chamber in Kinshasa, advertising in local media in partner countries, expert consultations with people who have experience and practice in the trade with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, etc.

Kindly contact us to get your application.